Best of the Baconstrip: Pancakes

So the trend is to do a best of list. Everyone is doing it, though they usually involve music and books and other stuff. We’re going a different route. I’m doing a personal best of on i am indisposed, but this is the place to post your bacon strip related best of’s!

Best Pancakes:

It was May 19th of 2006. Olaf was in my driveway @ 5 or 5:30 or some insane hour as planned. We loaded up to the towers in his truck and met The Grissly One. Waited a few minutes for J.R. but proceeded as it wasn’t totally clear he was comming.

It was dark for the first few miles. McD cought up to us pre Poeville, just in time to see me faceplant into a ditch. Too early for bunnyhopping. We proceeded up the road past the pond and to the intersection with the main road.

Near the top of peavine we cought the waft of coffee and maple syrup. We were met by Matt and Mike from Patagonia who proceeded to grill us some killer cakes. Those guys rode up the night before and camped out. That’s love.

We never managed to get another PancakeRide on, but I feel it coming in 2007!


3 thoughts on “Best of the Baconstrip: Pancakes”

  1. while i’m at it… i still have the quart jug of REAL maple syrup that i toted up for the cakes. that was also the one that i schlepped into the huntin’ cabin in the Schell Cks in Feb last year. like cheese and wine, the older and epic-er a jug o’ syrup, the sweeter it is, IMHO.


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